Title: Community Policing Leading Officers into Danger?

Citation: Springer, M. Stephen. (1994, July). FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, 63(7), 9-11.

Keywords: Dangers of Community Policing, Dangerous Situations of Community Policing, Survival Training for Police Officers

Community policing can be harmful to police officers according to the author of this article. He suggests that it is imperative that officers do not become complacent with a situation when performing community policing. An officer who is doing community policing must present himself with qualities such as being personable and service oriented. However, the officers need to make sure that performing community policing does not jeopardize their safety. The focus of this study is to explore five areas that are related to procedures that could cause dangerous situations for officers. Those include absence of procedure, conflicting procedures, procedural errors, correct procedures, and training. With these dangerous situations, it is suggested that officers receive specialized training in both community policing and survival training. The author suggests if this training does not take place, then departments are training their officers to die.