Title: Community justice: striving for safe, secure, and just communities

Citation: U.S. National Institute of Corrections. (1996). Washington, DC

Keywords: Community Corrections, Obstacles of Community Policing, Criminal Justice Systems

A collection of eight previously published articles explores different facets of community justice. Eduardo Barajas, Jr., presents a new paradigm of criminal justice that is non-competitive and non-contradictory, and that strives for harmony among the aims of the criminal justice system. Bonnie Bucqueroux explores the opportunities for and the obstacles to community policing. Thomas J. Quinn calls for a renewed emphasis in the correctional field on restorative justice. Gary Hinzman describes the Community Corrections Improvement Association, a private, non-profit foundation established to support community-based corrections in agencies in Iowa. Andrew Klein underscores the need for more balanced probation departments that shed their preoccupation with offenders to the exclusion of the community and the victim. Michael Dooley details the restorative sentencing model adopted by the Vermont Department of Corrections. Nola M. Joyce explores the reality of risk assessment in community corrections. In a question-and-answer format, Walter J. Dickey clarifies a new approach to community corrections that will concentrate on neighborhoods and communities instead of caseloads.