Title: Community-oriented policing in council-manager cities

Citation: Grims, M. Robert. (1992). MIS-Report, 24 (7), 1-19.

Keywords: Community-Oriented Policing Programs, Program Designs, Roles of City Managers

This article provides case studies of 4 cities community-oriented policing with council-manager forms of municipal government: Aurora, Colorado, Richmond, Virginia, Rockville, Maryland, and Hayward, California. Each of the case studies illustrated the role of the city manager, the method of implementation, program design and allocation results. The Aurora case study examines the evolution of community policing over the last 15 years. The Richmond city manager played a crucial part in the conversion to community policing, radical changes were made in patrol functions, and detective operations were decentralized. Rockville’s experience reveals that community policing can be successful in a small suburb. The Hayward study highlights how community-oriented policing works including revisions to personnel policies and training.