Title: Community Policing for the Suburban Department

Citation: Carey, R. Lawerence. (1994, March). The Police Chief, 61 (8), 24-26.

Keywords: Suburban Community Policing, Department wide Community Policing, Community Policing Service

This article illustrated how the Troy Police Department in Troy, Michigan implemented community policing. The three primary objectives for the department were increased effectiveness, reliance on line officer’s expertise, and closer involvement with public to address citizens’ needs. The department implemented a community policing philosophy in the delivery of its police service in May of 1991. It was Troy’s experience that officers that embraced the community policing philosophy became highly motivated and felt a true sense of accomplishment. Other issues discussed in the article are providing quality service that is customer-driven and establishing community-policing agency-wide. To successfully implement community-policing agency-wide the author suggested that a formal structure of command must be organized to facilitate every police service is delivering community-policing citywide.