Title: Managing Innovation In Policing The Untapped Potential Of The Middle Manager

Citation: Geller, A. William., Swanger, Guy. (1995). Police Executive Research Forum, Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice

Keywords: Community Problem-Solving, Middle Managers, Resistance to Community Policing

This book examines the role of the middle manager in the implementation of community policing. The authors argue that the transformation of community policing must involve active participation of middle managers. These managers can be deployed to help strengthen the process of implementing community policing within a department. The book is organized into five chapters. The first chapter explores how to define community problem-solving strategies. Chapter two identifies the traditional roles and functions of the middle manager. Chapter three explores why middle managers oppose, or have been considered obstacles to, strategic innovation. Chapter four discusses the reasons to believe that Middle Managers can be willing partners in the reform movement. The final chapter offers ideas to police departments on the ways local government officials can motivate Middle Mangers to have a more active role in improving community policing.