WSU spring enrollment is down

12:39:02 PM CDT - Friday, February 25, 2005

By Joe Kleinsasser

Enrollment at WSU decreased 650 students or 4.43 percent to 14,035 students compared to spring 2004, according to the official enrollment report given to the Kansas Board of Regents following the 20th day of classes.

WSU students are enrolled in 138,894 credit hours this spring, a decrease of 2.99 percent compared to a year ago when students enrolled in 143,173 credit hours. This loss in hours was in freshman and sophomore course enrollments. The average credit hour load per student increased to 9.90, the highest credit hour average in 25 years.

The decline was not unexpected because enrollment in spring is typically lower when the enrollment base is lower in the fall. University officials also attribute the decline to the area's economy, since WSU is the regents only metropolitan university.

State university enrollment figures released by the Kansas Board of Regents were relatively flat, although Wichita State was the only university whose enrollment declined. Overall there was an increase of 250 students systemwide. The six state universities reported a combined enrollment of 82,275 students.

Much of the decrease at WSU results from a loss of 546 part-time students, due in part to an improving economy. In spring 2004, WSU enrolled 6,806 part-time students. This spring there are 6,260 part-time students.

The drop in international students was 10.24 percent. There are 1,122 international students enrolled this spring compared to 1,250 international students a year ago.

The WSU Westside continues to be a bright spot in the enrollment report. Students are taking 6,975 credit hours this spring compared to 6,746 last spring. Officials are optimistic that enrollment on the west side will continue to grow when WSU opens its new and larger WSU West Campus building next spring.

Spring 2005 Enrollment Statistics at Wichita State University

Students by College
Liberal arts and sciences -
4,994 (2005);5,203 (2004) -4.02 percent
Business - 1,829 (2005);1,858 (2004) -1.56 percent
Education - 1,033 (2005);1,064 (2004) -2.91 percent
Engineering - 880 (2005); 887 (2004) -0.79 percent
Fine arts - 751 (2005); 769 (2004) -2.34 percent
Health professions - 1,080 (2005);1,135 (2004) -4.85 percent
Graduate School - 2,937 (2005);3,108 (2004) -5.50 percent
(These numbers do not include all students enrolled at the university)

Students from Sedgwick County - 9,033 (2005);9,367 (2004) - 3.57 percent
Students from Kansas - 12,408 (2005); 12,942 (2004) - 4.13 percent
Out-of-state students - 505 (2005); 493 (2004) + 2.43 percent
International students - 1,122 (2005);1,250 (2004) -10.24 percent

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