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3:19:55 PM CDT - Thursday, September 07, 2006

By Inside WSU staff

Faculty and staff who have reached certain milestone years of service to the state of Kansas and WSU are being recognized this month in various ceremonies.

Those with 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of service to the state were recognized in a ceremony on Wednesday, Sept. 6.

Those who have 25 years of service solely to WSU will be honored in a Benders of Twigs ceremony at 3 p.m. Monday, Sept. 18, in the Rhatigan Student Center ballroom. The term Bender of Twigs refers to the similarity between the way a young sapling bends toward the light as it grows and how faculty and staff contribute to that learning.

Retirees and individuals with 30, 35 and 40 years of service will be honored during an invitation-only dinner Sept. 8.

Those reaching five years of service will receive a certificate of appreciation from their division's vice president.

The anniversary and retirement dates for this year's honorees were from Sept. 2, 2005 through Sept. 1, 2006.
Five years of service
Rebecca Abraham
Ikramuddin Ahmed
Gwendolyn Alexander
Richard Alltizer
Kelly Anderson
Julie Bath
Jonathan Beachy
Sriram Beldona
Gemma Blackburn
Joseph Blue
Brenda Bridgforth
Larry Callis
Krysti Carlson
Kam Ying Cheng
Thomas Clausen
Brandon Cutler
Maureen Dasey-Morales
Jill Dizmang
Glennis Dodson
Buu Van Duong
Muoi Tran Duong
John Duvall
Charles Eaton
Reuben Eckels
Juan Escalante
Rebecca Espinosa
Rose Estill
Mary Faragher
Amie Ferguson
Karen Fitzpatrick
Loretta Forlaw
Michael Gagnebin
Becky Ghanoui
Karen Gillenwater
John Goering
Sandra Goldsmith
Natalie Grant
Brian Griffin
Amy Ham
Stephanie Haynes
Adriana Heskett
Jillian Hoefer
Enid Howe

Enid Howe
Photo by David Dinell
Enid Howe’s smiling face and pleasant personality have been greeting staff and prospective students for five years in the Office of Admissions, where she is an administrative assistant.







Joseph Hutto
Amarnath Jasti
William Johnson
Kerry Jones
Michael Jorgensen
Heather Joyce
Leonard Kelley
John Laffen
Martha Lewis
Craig Lindeman
Michael Logue
Shawna Lott
Xiufen Lu
Robert Markham
Cynthia Martinez
Daniel McConnell
Janice McKown
Angela McNew
Larry Merrick
Garret Moyer
Phu Thi Nguyen
Nicholas Otieno
William Parcell
Lisa Parcell
Gioi Pham
Van Thi Phan
Lucille Portley
Jessica Provines
Tyler Richecky
Richard Ross
Delinda Royse
Judy Ruder
Jenny Russell
Stacy Salters
Carolyn Shaw
Nancy Shear
Edward Simpson
Joan Snodgrass
Rickie Stephens
William Strange
Karolyn Taylor
Jeffrey Teachout
Virginia Teel
Nagaraja Thanthry
Anh Quang Tran
Theresa Turenne
William Vanderburgh
Richard Wessley
Jackie Williams
Jimmy Williams Jr.
Melinda Wooldridge
Mehmet Yildirim

10 years of service
Mark Arrasmith
Andra Bannister
Wesley Bergen
Andrew Bowman
Janet Brandes
Karen Burge
Alex Chaparro
Chul Soon Choi
Leonard Clark
Kevin Crabtree
Gina Crabtree
Connie Dietz
Darlene Dinkel
Amy Easum
David Eichhorn
James Emmot
Shannon Giessel
Celia Goering
Corazon Hawk
Karen Hayes
Douglas Hendry
Nedra Henry
Loma Hively
Cynthia Hodge
Jeffrey Jarman
James Jenkins
Krishna Krishnan
Merle Laham
Mai Thi Le
P. Denise Lees
Viswanatha Madhavan
Lori Miller
Vincent Miller

Vince Miller
Photo by David Dinell
Vince Miller used to create pastries and other sweet treats in his first job as a baker for dining services at WSU 10 years ago. Now he runs data in the Office of Research Administration.










Kevin Mullins
Richard Muma
Anna Neal
Tai Travis Nguyen
Nhan Nguyen
Billie Norden
Elia Ortega
William Patton
Timothy Pett
Keith Pickus
Beth Reid
M. Jeannine Schaffer
Linda Starkey
Nancy Thompson
Mary Townsend
Doris Wells
Riki Wells
Susan Wilcox
Scott Wituk

15 years of service
William Artz
Rajiv Bagai
George Bousfield
P. Christopher Cavanaugh
Anna Chandler
Shang Ching Chou
Becky Corrigan
Sonya Cotton
Elizabeth Gilbert
Josephine Gregg
N. Lori Griswold
Elaine Harvey
Anita Hodge
Jeanne Hopkins
Elizabeth King
Arlan Klocke
Mary Koehn
Grady Landrum
Young Lee
Brenda Lehman
Sandra Lopez
John Mann
Gregory Matthias
Wei Mau
Sheryl McKelvey
Betty Monroe

Betty Monroe
Photo by David Dinell
Since 1991, costume designer and associate professor in the School of Performing Arts Betty Monroe has designed and overseen the creation of costumes for more than 30 productions for WSU and has supervised student designers in more than 50 productions.








Sun Dok Newman
Prakash Ramanan
Tiruvadi Ravigururajan
Mary Rice
Jeffery Rider
Kamran Rokhsaz
Lynne Schall
Steven Skinner
Kevin Smith
Jerry Trucks
Sin Kun Tucker
Elnora Watson
Charles Welsbacher
Steven White
D. Shyamali Wimalasena

20 years of service
Philip Anderson
Ted Ayres
Julie Bees
Phillip Black
Deborah Byers
Sylvia Coats
John Goldsmith
Barbara Gonzalez
Stephen Gruning
Rosemary Hedrick
Charlotte Howard
Wanda Hughes
Sarah Hunt
Kenneth Keller
Shelly Kellogg

Shelley Kellogg
Photo by David Dinell
Shelly Kellogg, administrative assistant to human resources director Mike Turner, has been working in WSU’s human resources office for 20 years.







Willard Carl Klunder
Judith Lewis
Ruth Ann Logan
Larry Lyden
Alexia Newhouse
Nora Nickerson
Karen Porter
Sandra Ranney
Richard Renollet
Antonio Robertson
Blane Selvage
William Sessions
Mercedes Shoemaker
Thomas Shrank
Linda Sims
Jorge Talia
Janice Toth
Lac Thi Tran
Joyce Ward
S. Diane Wenrich
Michael Wood
David Woody

25 years of service
Theresa Fisher
Cecilia Rogers

Benders of Twigs
Peggy Anderson
Sherry Ashworth
Thomas Brock
Janet Brown
Frankie Brown
Jolynne Campbell
Roger Dick
Jean Elliott
Robert Feleppa
Sally Fiscus
William Groutas
Klent Harkness
Willie Harris
Donna Hawley Wolfe
Ruth Hitchcock
Kirk Lancaster
Michael Madecky

Michael Madecky
Photo by David Dinell
In his 25 years of service to WSU as director of student activities, for which he’ll be recognized as a Bender of Twigs, Mike Madecky has supervised thousands of student volunteers who comprise the committees that produce student activities.








Barbara Mason
Earnest McDonald
Gregory Meissen
Kenneth Miller
Eunice Myers
Greg Novacek
Juanita Parsons
Valerie Pittier
John Rathgeber
Elsie Shore
Dan Small
Arlene S. Thomas
Andrew Trechak
Candace Wells
Russell Widener
Janet Wolcutt

30 years of service
Paul Belt
Donald Blakeslee
Kimberly Hamilton
Jim Hellman
Alicia Huckstadt
John Hutchinson
Wanda Kraus-Seal

Wanda Kraus-Seals
Photo by David Dinell
Wanda Kraus-Seals, a library assistant working in Ablah Library, will be honored for 30 years of service.






Mary Peach
James Rogers
Dan Small
William Wynne

35 years of service
Charles Burdsal
Harold Edwards*
John Gries

John Gries
Photo by David Dinell
Geology chair John Gries, shown with a collection of rocks the department has acquired over time, has led a field course for students in Colorado, where they study geological mapping and solve geological problems, every summer since he started teaching at WSU 35 years ago.









James Ho
Linda Morrison
Donald Wineke

40 years of service
Mary Sue Foster
Paul Reed

Paul Reed
School of Music faculty member Paul Reed has been making music for 40 years at WSU.









Vernon Yenne
Melvin Zandler

45 years of service
Bert Smith

Bert Smith

Photo by David Dinell
Bert Smith has been teaching aerospace engineering at WSU going on 41 years. He'll be honored for 45 years of service to Kansas; he taught at Kansas State University before coming to WSU.













David Alexander
Eileen Calcote
W. Robert Carper
Joyce Cavarozzi
Susan Cherches
O. Gaylene Davis
Larry Dutton
Norma Ewing
Gary Greenberg
Elaine Hanna
Jerry Harney
Bobbie Harris
Theodore Hogan
Janice Holtsclaw
Michael Long
Gerald Loper
Linda Martin
Valene Noland
Jo Ann Pappas
Dixie Petersen
Maurice Pfannestiel
W. Robert Powell
Judith Sawyer
Phillip Schneider
Willa Shelton
David Strange
Diane Tangeman
J. William Thomson
Marilyn Turner
Jone Weigand
Catherine Yeotis

* deceased


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