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AHINSA Goals and Focus

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 Posted: 6:20:26 PM CT


AHINSA organization focuses on the relevance of Hinduism in modern society and strives to increase understanding among different religious groups on campus and in the community. We pursue these goals by organizing educational and fun events on campus. We also have a high priority of focusing on volunteer service all around Wichita community.

AHINSA has been really active past couple of semesters. In Fall 2011 we organized two big events called First Ever Garba Night in WSU on October 8th and Bhangra Night on November 10th. Also, that semester we volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and helped build houses for families in need.

In Spring 2012 we again did two major events called WSU Mela (Fair) and Holi (Festival of Colors). All our events were really successful and we got positive feedback from everyone that attended our events. Our events were published in Sunflower a couple of times. Also that semester we volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and Hindu temple here in Wichita.

This semester, Fall 2012, we are again organizing two major events called Janmasthami to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. In this event we are going to have Clay Pot painting competition, Rangoli (Sand Art) competition, and dance in Donald Beggs building lobby on September 15th, 2012. Second event is again going to be Garba dance in first week of October in the soccer field. We will also continue to volunteer at different places. We are also going to start a Book drive this semester. All the books will go towards students in need.

You can visit AHINSA's WSU web page @ www.wichita.edu/ahinsa

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