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2013 ASHA Convention

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 Posted: 11:04:45 AM CT

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The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Convention was held this year in Chicago, IL from November 14th-16th, 2013.

The convention theme, "The Magic of Teamwork: Science and Service Delivery," featured keynote speakers, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, also known as the socially conscientious ice cream team, Ben & Jerry. CSD students, Karissa Marble and Heidi Van Ravonhorst-Bell, are seen here emulating the iconic ice cream moguls.

Below is the list of this year's ASHA research presentations given by our faculty (bold) and students (italics):

Brady, A., Parham, D. F., Mefferd, A. S., & Bernstorf, E. Timing of respiration and vocalization during the first year of life. Session: 7226

Cerre, E., & Mefferd, A. Clear speech task effects on tongue kinematics and speech acoustics in Parkinson’s disease. Session: 7883

Coufal, K., Strattman, K., Quinn, E., Marble, K., & Vaughn, J. Helping in Haiti: Interprofessional experiences for faculty, students, and international medical team. Session: 7543

Crumrine, D., Self, T., Chaparro, B., Palmer, E., Coufal, K., Goldberg, L. R., & Parham, D. F. Visual search skills of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Session: 8089

Crumrine, D., Self, T., Chaparro, B., Palmer, E., Coufal, K., Goldberg, L. R., & Parham, D. F. Eye-gaze patterns and fast-mapping skills of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Session: 8173

DiLollo, A., Curry, M., Smith, R., Medvene, L., Nilsen, K., Ofei-Dodo, S., & Webber, R. The impact of communication disorders on the social support networks of older adults. Session: 7558

Goldberg, L. R., & Parham, D. F. Investigating students’ readiness for interprofessional education. Session: 5500

Hull, R. H. Inadvertent impairments in young children. Session: 1152

Hull, R. H. Influence of cardiovascular health on peripheral and central auditory function in older adults. Session: 5002

Marble, K., Chen, K. M., Hess, S., Scudder, R., & Self, T. The influence of teaching methodology on CSD student’ engagement in multimedia off-task behavior during class. Session: 7083

Pike, J. R., Parham, D. F., Goldberg, L. R., & Bernstorf, E. Chest wall movement during utterance production in infants in the second year of life. Session: 7823

Scherz, J., Bally, K., Mirt, J., Quinn, E., Bontrager, J., Le, N., Palacios, J., & Zayed, R. Bioengineering meets AAC: An interdisciplinary learning opportunity. Session: 8351

Sechtem, P., Scherz, J., DiLollo, A., Medvene, L., Parham, D. F., Ellsworth, R., & Goldberg, L. The impact of communication partner variables on supported conversation in aphasia. Session: 5589

Self, T., Holman, K., & Schill, M. Cultivating collaboration: Innovative interprofessional education experiences in preparation for effective practice in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Session: 1004

VanRavenhorst-Bell, H., Mefferd, A., Patterson, J., & Scudder, R. Effect of physical activity on tongue strength and endurance. Session: 8335

Vaughn, J., Strattman, K., Hodson, B., & Tran, A. Facilitating language and literacy development: A dual language perspective. Session: 7063

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