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Google Translate added to all pages

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 Posted: 12:01:22 PM CT

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welsh translation

It almost goes without saying that international students are very important to the rich cultural life we enjoy at Wichita State University. Our web statistics bear that out: In any given month we get thousands of visits from abroad. For that reason -- and to help serve segments of Wichita's growing Hispanic and Asian communities -- we've decided to add Google's translate widget to all Department Tools pages.

Google Translate has for years been used successfully by WSU's Office of International Education, Undergraduate Admissions, and Housing and Residence Life. The widget, which will be located in the footer, allows users to translate any page into one of 58 languages. Once activated, the user can proceed through the site in that language until they close the widget.  They can also toggle between their chosen language and the original text.

While the translations are automated and not precise in all instances, the departments that have used it extensively report that the tool is greatly appreciated by non-native-English speakers in helping them gain a more complete contextual understanding of the content.

If you'd like to see the effect immediately, you can translate this blog post right now. As they might say in Wales:  Mwynhewch!  (Enjoy!)

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