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Wichita Eagle announces record breaking RN-BSN enrollment

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 Posted: 12:06:19 PM CT

Wichita State shows increase in students for online nursing program

Only 18 students studied in Wichita State University’s online “RN to BSN” nursing classroom program earlier this year. The program helps students progress from registered nurse to a four-year university bachelor of science degree in nursing.

Now there are 56 students this fall semester, according to a prepared statement from Wichita State University.

The university put together a team to help recruit students and help sort out how to run the program better.

President John Bardo has touted the online nursing program as one of the university’s several recent successes. He has said it is critical to grow the program, because online work gives WSU more tools to teach, because growing it will help Kansas get better health care, and because there is a nationwide shortage of nurses.

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