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In Memoriam
Fall 2004
In Memoriam

James R. Aden, account manager for McKesson Medical-Surgical and friend of the university, June 24, Wichita.

Jewellean (Thomas) Alford '55/72, retired school psychologist for WSU, Aug. 21, Wichita.

Frances M. Allen, retired public school paraprofessional and university friend, Aug. 31, Wichita.

Genevee Allsbury, retired public school music teacher, co-owner of Page Auto Supply, Wichita, for 42 years and university friend, Aug. 4, Albuquerque, N.M.

Masumi Ameku '01, sociology graduate, Aug. 29, Wichita.

John A. Bailey, retired Westar Energy and Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Co. nuclear engineer and university friend who served in the U.S. Navy from 1960-66, July 24, Wichita.

Delmar W. Barrington '51, retired broadcast executive who, in a 1995 letter was proud to explain that "WSU was a pioneer in the field of educational broadcasting. You may not know that KMUW acquired the first permit issued by the FCC for construction of an educational FM station. Dr. Forest L. Whan nurtured this fledgling operation and encouraged those of us who were interested in a career in broadcasting. I worked at local radio and TV stations as well as ones in Omaha, Milwaukee and Detroit. Following that, I worked in consulting and sales in broadcast related businesses," July 13, 2003, Broken Arrow, Okla.

Merle L. (Garten) Batman '47, homemaker, former teacher and Meals on Wheels volunteer, July 22, Meade, Kan.

Dorothy (Churchward) Beal fs '20, former teacher and co-owner of the former Broadview Drug and Beal Drug Stores, who lived to the age of 103, July 28, Wichita.

Carolyn J. Bergerhouse '73, retired elementary school teacher, Aug. 5, Wichita.

Charles W. Black '38, retired senior managing partner of the insurance firm of Dulaney Johnson & Priest, where he started as a mailboy while a junior at the University of Wichita, and pilot in the U.S. Air Force during WWII, July 9, Wichita.

Lowell Blaser, friend of the university, May 20, 2003, Waterville, Kan.

Melba J. (Pittenger) Bodecker '68, retired gifted education elementary school teacher who worked 17 years for the Wichita public school system, Sept. 3, Wichita.

Lambert J. Bohling, friend of the university and retired Boeing Wichita quality control inspector, June 19, Wichita.

Billie F. Brewer, homemaker and friend of the university, July 26, Wichita.

Ivan C. Brown, university friend, retired Cessna employee and former Safeway baker, Aug. 25, Wichita.

John A. Buck '47, retired co-owner of Buck's Department Store and co-owner of Brooks Dress Shop, Sept. 16, Wichita.

Dennis K. Bucy, university friend, Aug. 16, Wichita.

Kenneth H. Burge '71, National Guard veteran who also worked with the Boeing Wichita Credit Union and Southwest Federal Savings & Loan, Aug. 21, Wichita.

Willis G. "Will" Buser Jr. '63, retired certified financial planner, owner of Investors/Small Business Services and Cessna financial manager, July 21, Wichita.

Richard L. Cantrell, retired business owner and university friend, Sept. 7, Wichita.

Chris Cherches, university friend and Wichita's longest serving city manager who helped improve the city's quality of living through his support of the development of Old Town, the Hyatt Regency Wichita, Exploration Place, CityArts and Ice Sports Wichita and the remodeling of the Eaton Hotel, the Wichita Art Museum and Lawrence-Dumont Stadium, Aug. 26, Wichita.

Jerry W. Cole fs '00, Cole Consultants co-owner, Sept 9, Wichita.

Connie L. Converse '56, clinical social worker and accomplished cellist, July 7, Needham, Mass.

Luella Cooper, university friend, Aug. 22, Whitewater, Kan.

Earlene E. "Buffy" (Fischer) Copeland fs '51, homemaker, Aug. 25, Wichita.

James D. Coulter '91, self-employed, July 9, Wichita.

Corrine A. Cunningham, homemaker and university friend, Sept. 11, Wichita.

Richard A. Davenport, university friend, owner of R.A. Davenport Interiors and sports car driver known on the racing circuit as Dick Davenport, the winner of four Sports Car Club of America national championships, Sept. 10, Wichita.

Jimmy D. Davis, retired KFDI account executive and university friend, July 25, Wichita.

Lila (Selfridge) Davis '55, homemaker and teacher, July 24, Wichita.

Loraine (Robinson) Davis '42, retired SRS supervisor, Aug. 29, Wichita.

Vera J. Decker, former Decker Construction co-owner and office manager and university friend, July 6, Wichita.

Dorothy M. (Cunningham) Donohue fs '44, homemaker, June 28, Houston, Texas.

Byron E. Duffield fs '60, owner and operator of Duffield Water Systems in Scottsdale, Ariz., and former Fleming Companies Inc. vice president, June 19, Scottsdale.

Daniel O. Dunavan '70, professor of music at Southeast Missouri State University, July 20, Cape Girardeau, Mo.

R. Ailene (Overman) Durst '47, retired teacher and librarian, Aug. 12, Emporia, Kan.

Pierre C. "Pete" Egbert, university friend, Egbert Oil Co. and Hutchinson, Kan., businessman, Aug. 28, Hutchinson.

John C. Fankhauser, pharmacist and part-owner of Arrow laboratory Inc. in Wichita, Aug. 18, Newton, Kan.

Barbara J. (Tomlinson) Fiser fs '55, homemaker, July 19, Wichita.

John M. Frazee, president of Stillwater National Bank of Wichita and university friend, Aug. 25, Wichita.

Arthur H. Fromm, physician and university friend, July 2, Wichita.

Jennifer D. "Jenni" (Stiverson) Germann '98, senior marketing representative for the Kansas Department of Commerce in Topeka, Kan., and former staff member of athletic departments at Wichita State, Kansas State, the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Aug. 25, Lawrence, Kan.

Lucille S. Gilliland, homemaker and university friend, June 28, Wichita.

Charley D. Goodvin '71/71, U.S. Air Force, June 30, Minot Air Force Base, N.D.

Ruthann L. Gorges, homemaker and university friend, Aug. 24, Wichita.

Imogene Gosnell, retired professor of political science, nurse, nun and friend of the university, Aug. 14, Wichita.

Paul G. Grunden, retired Beech expediter and university friend, Aug. 10, Andover, Kan.

Mary E. (Olmsted) Hamman '40, retired elementary school teacher, Aug. 11, Garden City, Kan.

Joseph C. "Joe" Harder, friend of the university who spend 32 years in the Kansas State Legislature, Aug. 21, Moundridge, Kan.

John H. Hartpence, university friend and retired paper salesman for Wichita Paper Co., July 8, Wichita.

Harriet E. "Betty" (Miller) Hedrick, philanthropist, chairman of the Frank & Betty Hedrick Foundation and friend of the university, Aug. 5, Wichita.

Dennis Rae Hess '71/80, president of Quality Consultants Inc., July 26, Wichita.

Adam Hogan '99, criminal justice graduate, April 8, Kansas City, Kan.

Dorothy A. (Gibbon) Holm, university friend and homemaker, Aug. 3, Goddard, Kan.

H. Paul Howard '62, retired owner of Rainbow Construction Co. Inc. and Rainbow Marble and Granite Co., Sept. 3, Wichita.

Virginia M. Irwin, photographer and university friend, Aug. 27, Wichita.

Ethel M. Jack, university friend and retired Sedgwick County court worker, July 6, Wichita.

Ila M. (Spangler) Jordan '59/67, retired teacher, July 26, Overland Park, Kan.

Paul D. Kasten '70, consulting engineer with Bull World Wide Information Systems, Phoenix, Ariz., Aug. 29, Herington, Kan.

Elaine (Mitchell) Kaufman '68/70, retired first grade teacher, Aug. 15, Derby, Kan.

Vera M. (Zongker) Kearns '64, retired Wichita elementary school teacher, Sept. 10, Haviland, Kan.

Pearl (Townsend) Kurr '62, retired secondary school administrator, Sept. 3, Newton, Kan.

Philip C. Kusnerus '81, director of industrial relations at Cessna Aircraft Co., Sept. 8, Wichita.

Pauline J. (Miller) Ledgerwood '66, retired elementary school teacher, Aug. 3, Andover, Kan.

Billy P. Lee '49, retired accountant for Lario Oil & Gas, July 30, Wichita.

Wanda-Gail Logan '80, United Methodist Church reverend, Aug. 28, Wichita.

Alyce M. (Stafford) Lohkamp '42, homemaker, April 27, Wichita.

Eleanor F. (Gates) Luke, interior designer and friend of the university, July 17, Wichita.

F.F. Mike Lynch, university friend and radio executive who, along with his father, bought KIRL from silent film actors Mary Pickford and Buddy Rogers in 1962 and changed the station's name to KFDI, thus creating Great Empire Broadcasting, through which, over the next 35 years, he and his partner Mike Oatman oversaw stations in Wichita, Omaha, Tulsa, Denver, Springfield, Mo. and Shreveport, La.; the first inductee in the Broadcasting category at the Country Music Hall of Fame, a member of the Kansas Broadcasting Hall of Fame, the Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame, the Broadcast Professionals of America Hall of Fame and the Cattleman's Ball Hall of Fame, July 29, Wichita.

Mary O. MacLeod, retired registered nurse and university friend, Sept. 8, Wichita.

Billie E. "Bill" McCandless, retired staff member with Beech Aircraft and friend of the university, June 30, Wichita.

Elizabeth A. (Harned) McClure, university friend and community volunteer, July 27, Wichita.

Belle McClurg, retired St. Francis Hospital Child Development Center pre-K teacher and friend of the university, Sept. 13, Wichita.

Grace L. McCray '63, retired public elementary school teacher, Aug. 31, Wichita.

Vernon D. McCune, university friend, Aug. 9, Benton, Kan.

Paul A. McIntire, retired Wichita Area Technical College auto mechanics instructor, American Motors technical service instructor and university friend, June 24, Wichita.

Jean M. McKenney '92/01, public secondary school teacher, July 13, Wichita.

Thomas A. McVey '68/68, retired assistant news editor of the Enid News, Aug. 2, Enid, Okla.

Mary M. (Haen) Mehler '68, family therapist, Sept. 10, South Bend, Ind.

Ellen N. Miller, homemaker and friend of the university, July 9, Winfield, Kan.

James W. Moffat '31, former owner and president of Sun Oil Well Cementing Co. Inc., Aug. 17, Hutchinson, Kan.

Clara R. Morris, friend of the university and retired insurance clerk for Rain and Hail Insurance Agency in Wichita, July 15, Wellington, Kan.

Garrett W. Morrison, friend of the university, prize-winning photographer, former news and program director of radio stations in Durham and Raleigh, N.C., and in Charleston, S.C. and retired director of community affairs for Boeing Wichita, June 29, Wichita.

Kenneth E. Murphy, university friend and retired gauger for Phillips Petroleum, July 26, Valley Center, Kan.

James R. Naylor '85, computer consultant and elder at Covenant Presbyterian Church, Aug. 23, Wichita.

Patricia E. Nelson '79/82, OSHA receptionist, Aug. 11, Wichita.

Brian R. Olmsted '01, aerospace engineer, July 31, Keller, Texas.

Barbara A. Orr, former cook at Big M and friend of the university, July 13, Hutchinson, Kan.

Sheila M. Orth '85/90, Tulsa Technology Center educator, Aug. 12, Tulsa, Okla.

Gladys (Bartholomew) Parker fs '26, the first woman to serve on the Augusta, Kan., City Council, businesswoman and volunteer who lived to be 100, July 24, Wichita.

Leta S. Pearce, university friend, former teacher and restauranteur, July 22, Richardson, Texas.

Russell L. Peck '49, a WWII veteran who served in the Army Air Corps, former math teacher and retired guidance counselor at Allison Junior High in Wichita, Aug. 24, Wichita.

Kathrine Pennington, doctor and university friend, July 27, Wichita.

Delno Peterson '56, retired CPA, Aug. 9, Wichita.

Florine M. Plenert fs '82, retired grade school teacher, Aug. 30, Bel Aire, Kan.

Thomas M. Potter, university friend, retired rancher and Bank IV senior vice president, Sept. 10, Wichita.

George D. Pratt '48, retired marketer for Phillips Petroleum, July 23, Bartlesville, Okla.

Agnes M. Quinn, retired executive of the Girl Scouts of the Great Plains, legal secretary and university friend, July 1, Wichita.

Allan E. Ramsey, Wichita Public Library employee and friend of the university, Aug. 4, Wichita.

Thelma (Adrian) Richert '58, retired elementary school teacher, July 9, Carlsbad, N.M.

Leonard L. Rising fs '58, retired IRS agent and accountant with Leonard L. Rising Accounting in Wichita, July 2, Irving, Texas.

Katherine S. (Monroe) Rokiski fs '92, usd 259 Business Services employee, Sept. 6, Wichita.

Donald L. Rowland '65, member of the 1964-65 Shocker Final Four basketball team who drew on his collegiate sports experiences during his volunteer service with youth athletics, particularly baseball and basketball, and who, at the age of 42, chose to make a major career change and entered the St. Thomas University Law School as one of its charter members, Oct. 10, 2003, Miami, Fla. (Rowland's family has established the Donald Lee Rowland Foundation at the St. Thomas University Law School. The foundation will provide a partial-tuition scholarship annually to an eligible student who has left his or her career to prepare for another in law. In addition, the foundation will benefit stroke prevention and colon cancer research.)

Amos Sanders, former Antioch Missionary Baptist Church pastor, Potter's House associate pastor and university friend, June 21, Wichita.

Carroll C. Sargent, university friend and retired Carey Salt Co. sales operation manager, Sept. 1, Hutchinson, Kan.

Roger L. Savage '78/93, director of facilities division for Wichita public schools, who served usd 259 for 32 years, July 19, Wichita.

Steven V. Sawyer '82, process quality engineer with General Electric, June 17, Arkansas City, Kan.

Cordelia G. "Judy" Schroeder fs '32, businesswoman, St. John's Episcopal Church parish historian and traveler, May 16, McAllen, Texas.

Marie D. Sellberg, retired WSU registrar's office assistant, Aug. 27, McPherson, Kan.

Hope D. (Nickel) Shackelford '34, retired English teacher selected as Kansas Teacher of the Year by the national Education Association in 1971 and recognized for her educational efforts by Kansas Governor Mike Hayden and President Bill Clinton, and the author of Six Questions, Six Answers: How to Use the Newspaper in the Classroom, Aug. 14, Wichita.

Martha Jane Shriver, homemaker and university friend, July 28, Wichita.

Leslie A. Sperling '60, instrumental music graduate and retired teacher, Sept. 1, Inman, Kan.

Karen K. (Maus) Spexarth, homemaker, Girl Scout troop leader and university friend, June 26, Colwich, Kan.

Mary E. (Sloan) Spurrier '38, homemaker, July 5, Wichita.

Dorothy M. (Strickland) Stiling '39, homemaker, former administrative assistant at Beech Aircraft, Wichita, and organist for the Protestant Chapel at the Naval Air Station at Point Mugu, Calif., from 1960 to 2001, June 30, Camarillo, Calif.

Klova L. "K.L." Thimm, friend of the university and retired general supervisor for the tooling department at Boeing Wichita, July 8, Wichita.

Rollo O. Thompson, friend of the university, Aug. 3, Medicine Lodge, Kan.

Sue J. (Epperson) Thorpe, retired Beech Aircraft stockroom clerk and university friend, Aug. 26, Wichita.

Rosalie M. (Keating) Tippin '46, homemaker and travel agent, July 7, Wichita.

Tiffany A. Vaughan fs '04, Wichita State student and P.F. Chang waitress, June 21, Wichita.

Willard W. Watson, university friend and retired Wichita Eagle advertising display coordinator, Aug. 26, Wichita.

Lucille W. Wernecke, university friend and retired Wernecke Distributors partner, Sept. 1, Wichita.

Bill F. Wettengel '54, retired elementary school teacher, who worked in the Long Beach, Calif., school system for 30 years, June 20, Long Beach.

Marcedene V. Wood, university friend, July 25, Hutchinson, Kan.

Russell T. Young '90, group counselor at the Shasta County Juvenile Hall in Redding, Calif., July 4, 2002, Salinas, Calif.


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