Below are some helpful links about Science and Math Education in Kansas. Info about the organizations and activities ran by the Fairmount Center can be found through the links on the left.

Wichita State University
Kansas State Department of Education
Kansas College and Career Ready Standards for Science
Next Generation Science Standards
Kansas College and Career Ready Standards for Mathematics
Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice

STEM Event Calendar: A Google calendar featuring different STEM activities happening in the Wichita area.

Looking for some lesson plans? Check out our list of lesson plans sorted by grade and NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas:

NGSS Lesson Plans Spreadsheet (This document is hosted on Google Drive as links to lesson plans will be continually changed and added.)

Here are some handy sites with resources for your classroom:

ARKive: Widescreen ARKive is a project aimed at documenting all life on Earth whilst promoting wildlife and habitat conservation. This site provides many classroom activities.

Canopy in the Clouds: A site that lets you explore a forest in Costa Rica through videos and panaramic photography. Also includes many lessons over the forest habitat and scientific testing.

Discovery Education: Free lesson plans, as well as curriculum and professional development, can be found at this site.

The FuseBox: An interactive site that includes lessons and actvities about electricity.

Making the Modern World: This site is like an online museum with different exhibits depicting the impact of different scientific and technological discoveries on today's life.

Nanoyou: Several activities (online and offline) that students can do to explore the world of nanotechnology.

NASA's Climate Kids: A site full of activities online and off, videos, and information about green energy and climate change.

National Geographic Education: National Geographic offers many lesson plans and activities that focus on the exploration of the world and its inhabitants.

PBS Learning: Use this site to search for lessons that are based off of the many different educational programs that PBS offers.

Science, Optics, and You: This site provides many activities designed around microscopes, lenses, and light.

WebExhibits: Another type of online museum with rotating "exhibits." Each exhibit offers lesson plans or lab activities that can be used along with the information.

Web of Stories: Find many videos of famous scientists and mathematicians describing their work.

Xplore Health: This site provides many videos, games, and worksheets about health.

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