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10.04 / Chemicals

Chemicals used in activities including teaching, research, or other services as well as disposal are regulated by federal and state statutes. Control and monitoring of activities involving chemicals and disposal of hazardous wastes in all areas of WSU is the responsibility of the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) working under the aegis of the Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer. All personnel (faculty, staff, students, guests) using such materials must comply with all applicable regulations. Faculty and staff members are responsible for reporting activities involving hazardous and extremely hazardous materials to the EHSO and cooperating with the office to ensure compliance with applicable regulations. EHSO access to laboratories and other facilities to perform inspections is a necessary part of compliance with regulations governing purchase, storage, use, and disposal of all chemical materials. Also review Section 10.01, Environmental Health and Safety Guidelines, and Section 10.02, Hazard Communication Program, for more specific requirements.

Revision Date:
July 25, 2001

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