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17.03 / Check Cashing

The Wichita State University Union Corporation d/b/a the Rhatigan Student Center will accept personal checks for the amount of purchase only. A current Shocker Card or other picture identification is required. No payroll checks, company checks, international checks, starter checks, unnumbered checks, post-dated checks or two party checks (except for financial aid checks issued by Wichita State University, which can only be used at the University Bookstore) will be accepted. Any check returned to the Rhatigan Student Center must be redeemed within ten days or loss of check cashing privileges will be imposed. Additionally, there will be a $30 service fee charged for the returned check. 

Upon receipt of a returned check, the Rhatigan Student Center Finance Office will attempt to contact the customer by telephone and/or certified letter to notify the customer of the returned check. The Finance Office will temporarily suspend check-writing privileges to faculty/staff/students/campus visitors until the returned check has been paid for in full plus an additional thirty dollar ($30) service fee. If the customer is a Wichita State University student, the Finance Office will place the student on hold with Wichita State University until the returned check has been taken care of. Partial payments will not be accepted. If a customer has a second returned check, the customer's check-writing privileges in the Rhatigan Student Center will be permanently revoked. 

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May 10, 2001
January 21, 2014

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