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17.04 / Displays and Notices

The Rhatigan Student Center offers several facilities by which groups and organizations may make themselves and/or their events known. There are designated areas to post notices, permanent display cases, and designated areas where tables can be set up, all located in high-traffic common areas on the main floor of the Rhatigan Student Center. Dining Services may authorize the use of table tents within their facilities. The following policies state who may use the facilities, what limitations apply to their use, and where and how to reserve them. Any departure from these policies must be approved in advance by the Director of the Rhatigan Student Center.

Display Cases:
The Rhatigan Student Center display case, located on the first floor across from the bulletin boards, and the Copperfield's display case, also located on the first floor at the northwest end of the Rhatigan Student Center, are a service provided by the Rhatigan Student Center for clubs, organizations, and departments of Wichita State University to promote their activities and/or recruit membership. Reservation of these cases is handled in the Activities Office, second floor, Room 219, northwest corner, Rhatigan Student Center, according to the following guidelines:


  1. The Rhatigan Student Center and Copperfield's display cases can be used by any registered Wichita State University organization or department at no cost.
  2. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  3. Reservations of either case is limited to a one-week period of time, beginning and ending Monday at 10:00 a.m.
  4. Due to a high demand for use of the cases, each group can only reserve each case once during each semester.
  5. To reserve a display date, the name of the group, a contact name, telephone number, and address must be provided.
  6. Cancellations should be made at least two weeks in advance.
  7. The display cases are to be used exclusively by WSU organizations and departments. Exceptions require approval by Activities Office personnel.
  1. The display must be put up during regular working hours - 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  2. All displays must be removed by 10:00 a.m. of the Monday following the display week. If a display is not taken down by this time, Activities Office personnel reserve the right to remove the display for the next group. The Activities Office cannot assume responsibility for damage or theft while taking down or storing the display items.
  3. Keys to the display cases may be checked out by leaving a Shocker Card with the Activities Office. Keys must be returned immediately after any exhibit is put up or taken down. Keys cannot be checked out overnight.
Display Case Details:
  1. The case does not come with accessories. Groups must provide their own display materials and accessories.
  2. No audio-visual equipment can be used in the display case, including, but not limited to, video tape players, slide projectors, and televisions, without prior approval. Only the Copperfield's case has an electrical outlet.
  3. Nails, screws, or any materials causing permanent marring of the display cases are not to be used. Peel-off stickers are not to be applied to any part of the case. No materials should be placed on the outside of the case.
  4. Dimensions of the cases are as follows: Copperfield's - 52" high x 57" wide x 18" deep; Rhatigan Student Center case - 52" high x 89" wide x 21" deep (each side).
  5. For larger displays, groups may reserve both sides of the Rhatigan Student Center case across from the bulletin boards.
Display Policies:
  1. The display cases cannot be used to promote, advertise, or otherwise advocate an illegal activity or violation of any Wichita State University policy.
  2. All materials in the case must be written in and/or translated to the English language.
  3. Any group using the display case must identify the display as being sponsored by their organization/department, and include a telephone number for further information. The Activities Office can provide you with a sign for the information if you request it.
  4. If a group violates one or more of these policies, the Rhatigan Student Center will notify the group to rectify the situation immediately. In the event a member of the sponsoring group cannot be reached, the Rhatigan Student Center reserves the right to take down the display and will notify the group of the action taken. The Rhatigan Student Center reserves the right to deny future usage of the display cases to any group who has previously violated policies.
  1. The Rhatigan Student Center does not accept liability for items on display in the case.
  2. Any damages to the display cases done by a group using the cases will be charged to the organization or department.
Posting of Notices:
The bulletin board on the first floor across from the display cases and next to the Electronic Teller Machine (ETM) is the designated location in the Rhatigan Student Center for displaying posters and flyers. The bulletin board is divided into sections, with each section being designated for a specific subject. Each section is identified with a laminated sign at the top of the board. The sections are designated as follows:
    Community Information - displays notices of events or information of local interest.
    Classified - displays notices of items for sale to rent or buy.
    Services - displays notices of information about services for hire (i.e. typing services, maid services, tutoring, etc.).
    Campus Organizations - displays notices about events, services, or information sponsored by a campus organization.
    University Departments - displays notices about events, services, or information sponsored by a University department.
  1. Postings are limited to one flyer/poster per heading. The size of the postings are limited to no larger than 11" X 17". Groups should place the flyer/poster under the appropriate heading on the bulletin board.
  2. No flyers/posters shall be posted on the exterior of the Rhatigan Student Center. They may not be placed on painted surfaces, glass or vinyl walls anywhere on the interior or exterior walls of the Rhatigan Student Center or its surrounding environs.
  3. The bulletin board will be cleared of all flyers/posters on the last day of each month. The Rhatigan Student Center staff will have charge of removing flyers/posters monthly as well as any flyers/posters that do not comply with these guidelines.
  4. Commercial businesses may not use Rhatigan Student Center space for posting notices without prior approval from the University Reservations Office, located on the first floor of the Rhatigan Student Center, 978-3475.
  5. The Rhatigan Student Center will not accept the responsibility for any flyers/posters taken or removed from the bulletin board.
  6. Flyers/posters or table tents may be placed in dining areas in the Rhatigan Student Center only with prior approval from the University Dining Services Director and the Rhatigan Student Center Marketing Manager.
  7. During Student Government Association elections, each candidate may post up to three flyers/posters around the Rhatigan Student Center with string on brick walls only. Tape may not be used on any walls. Flyers/posters must be removed the day following the election.
  8. Permission for exceptions to any of the above policies must be requested in writing to the University Reservations Office.
Table Usage / Merchandise Sales:
Tables available for distributing information and/or merchandise sales in the Rhatigan Student Center are reserved through the University Reservations Office, located on the first floor of the Rhatigan Student Center, 978-3475. The following guidelines apply:
  1. Tables available for scheduling are located on the first floor of the Rhatigan Student Center. There are four stationary locations which are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  2. Groups who are not recognized or sponsored will be charged a daily rental fee. This fee must be paid by cash, certified check, or money order two business days prior to the scheduled date. Tables will not be set up if the rental charges have not been paid prior to the scheduled date. Groups who reserve a table but do not honor their reservation will forfeit any moneys paid. Cancellations must be made at least two business days in advance.
  3. There is no rental charge for table usage to distribute literature, to SGA recognized organizations, Wichita State University departments, or groups sponsored by either.
  4. Signage may be hung from the tables with masking tape only. Nothing may be affixed to brick, vinyl, glass, or painted walls with tape, nails, or thumbtacks. Signage may be hung with string on brick walls only.
  5. A person affiliated with the sponsoring organization must be at the table at all times in order that they may answer questions, etc. These persons must stay behind the table.
  6. Hawking, defined as "advertising or peddling by shouting", is not permitted.
  7. All items must be removed from the table by the sponsoring organization at the end of each day. Cleaning up of the area is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.
  8. Groups reserving table space must identify the table as being sponsored by their organization. A sign for the table must be provided by the organization.
  9. Groups wishing to use any type of electronic equipment must have approval of the University Reservations Office prior to its use. In the event that extension cords are needed, groups are responsible for providing their own, subject to approval by the University Reservations Office.
  10. Secured facilities for items to be stored overnight are available upon request, at an additional charge. However, the Rhatigan Student Center cannot be held liable for the damages to or loss of such items due to accident, riots, acts of God, or other legitimate conditions beyond its control.
  11. The sponsoring organization agrees to display or make available all refund and guarantee policies.
  12. The Rhatigan Student Center reserves the right to schedule sales of similar or like items on the same day.
  13. The sponsoring organization is responsible for all loading and unloading of products to be sold. The Rhatigan Student Center cannot provide assistance.
  14. Certain types of promotional activities/merchandise sales are not allowed in the Rhatigan Student Center. They include, but are not limited to:
    1. Food sales of any kind.
    2. Sales of items with copyrighted Wichita State University logos.
    3. Sales that require people to pay in advance and receive their merchandise at a later date.
    4. Services and/or sales of items that conflict with services and/or items already being provided and/or sold by the Rhatigan Student Center, Wichita State University, and/or University Dining Services.
  15. Any items given away by the sponsoring organization must not conflict with items sold or given away by the Rhatigan Student Center. Approval of items may be obtained through the University Reservations Office. Certain items to be given away may be available through the University Bookstore or University Dining Services for purchase by the sponsoring organization.
  16. Sponsoring organizations who are soliciting credit card applications must obtain approval from the University Reservations Office for the types of credit cards to be promoted.
  17. Any deviation from the above policies must be approved by the University Reservations Office. Request for exceptions should be submitted in writing to the Reservations Manager.
  18. The Rhatigan Student Center and/or Wichita State University are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property or merchandise. In consideration for use of Rhatigan Student Center facilities, the group waives any claim for damages or injury which may arise.
Revision Date:
May 10, 2001

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