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17.07 / Rec Center

Who May Use The Rec Center:
The Rec Center is open to Wichita State University students, faculty and staff, persons over age eighteen, and groups with campus reservations. Groups with reservations during normal hours will not be given exclusive use of the facility - that is to say University students, faculty, and/or staff access to the area will not be restricted. Groups with individuals under 16 years of age must be accompanied by one person 16 years of age or older for every ten younger people.

A group can reserve the Rec Center for a minimum of 1 hour and all reservations must be made at least one week in advance. Payment must be made at the time of the party or before. All coin-operated machines are not included in the reservation price. Person(s) in charge of parties may not accept money from anyone outside of their party to participate.

All food and beverages served in the Rec Center must be provided either by the Rec Center or by WSU Dining. The Rec Center's entire menu is made available on a cash basis during all hours of operation. Any special event arrangements such as catering should be made through the University Reservations Office at least five days prior to the event.

All individuals using the Rec Center will be responsible to the Rec Center supervisor on duty. The person(s) in charge of a group will be responsible for the proper conduct of those in their party as well as the proper care of equipment.

Any damages or vandalism done by participants to the building and/or its contents are the financial responsibility of the organization.

Management reserves the right to eject any group or individual for reason such as improper behavior, abuse of equipment, and/or as deemed necessary by management. Individuals using the center will be held responsible for their actions.

Groups or organizations which are not directly affiliated with the Rhatigan Student Center will not be permitted to post banners, flyers, posters, or other types of promotional material within the Rec Center.

Revision Date:
May 10, 2001
June 1, 2005

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