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18.04 / Parking Lot Rental

The University parking lots are available to be rented by organizations or groups as a site for dances, sport car rallies and other types of outdoor events. In addition, the campus parking lots may be rented in conjunction with the use of Charles Koch Arena and/or Cessna Stadium. In some cases, a lessee of the arena or the stadium may elect to pay an established assessment against each vehicle using the campus parking facilities. No parking fee may be collected on the campus by any organization or individual except as assigned by the University Chief of Police.

Rental Contracts:
Rental contracts for use of the parking lots are the responsibility of the Chief of Police. Rental contracts for the use of the parking lots in conjunction with the use of Charles Koch Arena and/or Cessna Stadium are the responsibility of the Director of Athletics.

Liability Insurance:
Parking lot lessees must provide, at their own expense, public liability insurance protecting the University from loss or liability for personal or property damage resulting from the lessee's use of the facilities.

Parking lot lease agreements must be completed, signed, and the rental payment paid in advance (excepting student groups, they may pay the rental fee after their event).

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