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20.10 / Fundraising Efforts Involving Naming Opportunities (Other Than Buildings or Facilities)

The purpose of this statement is to set forth University policy with regard to initiation of fundraising efforts that propose a naming opportunity other than the naming of a University building or facility.1

Fundraising efforts or initiatives often include or are based upon a naming opportunity, i.e., "John Jones Lecture Series," or the "Jane Doe Endowed Lectureship." In an attempt to avoid embarrassment and/or to prevent fund-raising campaigns that cannot accomplish the intended goals of honoring an individual or individuals, it is necessary and appropriate that such campaigns be reviewed and approved prior to their initiation.

Policy Statement:

1.  No University fundraising campaign which proposes a naming opportunity other than the naming of a University building or facility, whether facilitated through the University or the WSU Foundation, shall be initiated without advance review and approval by the President of the University.

2.  Any proposal involving a naming opportunity other than the naming of a University building or facility shall be submitted, after review and approval by the appropriate University Vice President, to the President of the University prior to the initiation of any fundraising effort and before any communication is made with the proposed honoree or honorees. The proposal must be in writing and provide an explanation or justification for the naming opportunity and information about the viability of the fundraising campaign.

1 See Section 11.06, WSU Policies and Procedures Manual, relative to the naming of University buildings and facilities and the Kansas Board of Regents Policy Manual relative to the naming of academic units.

This policy shall be included in the WSU Policies and Procedures Manual and shared with  appropriate constituencies of the University.

Effective Date:
May 1, 2001

(Note: The reader should also refer to the Naming of University Facilities Policy at Section 11.06 of this manual.)

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