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2.04 / Class Policies

Classroom Assignments and Class Time:
Classrooms are assigned for each class in accordance with the quota submitted by the department. Although departments may request specific classrooms, the Registrar's Office is authorized to make room assignments without consultation. All classes will be held in the rooms scheduled unless permission to change is requested from and granted by the Registrar's Office. Requested class times are changed only upon consultation with the dean and chairpersons. All classes will begin and dismiss promptly as scheduled.

Class Lists:
The first official class list is available on the first day of classes, and the 20th day class list is available at the end of the third week. Students whose names are on the class list are officially registered. If a student's name does not appear on the list, he or she should be advised to contact the Registrar's Office immediately. Only students who are officially enrolled are permitted to attend class.

Instructor Attendance Obligation:
An instructor is obligated to meet classes at the scheduled time unless prevented by illness or unavoidable absence from campus. Anticipated absence from class must be reported to the department chairperson or the dean of the college prior to the meeting of the class; unanticipated absences must be reported upon the instructor's return to campus.

Student Attendance Obligation:
Students are expected to attend all classes in which they enroll, and faculty members are expected to monitor attendance. In cases of excessive absences, instructors may report the student's absence to the dean of the student's college.

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August 15, 2012

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