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3.10 / Moving Expenses

To ensure consistent procedures and compliance with Internal Revenue Service regulations.

Policy Statement:
Wichita State University (through the WSU Foundation) will pay moving expenses when it is necessary to attract key administrators or faculty to the University. The President, vice presidents, or deans may authorize the payment of moving expenses. Payment must be from nonstate funds.

The maximum amount of moving expenses payable is a matter of negotiation and approved by the appropriate divisional vice president. The negotiated amount should be included in the letter offering the position with copies of the letter sent to the President, the appropriate divisional vice president, and the Vice President for Finance of the WSU Foundation.

The University will pay the moving company directly or will reimburse the employee upon the submission of receipts or other documentation to substantiate the moving expenses. The University will not pay unsubstantiated moving expenses.

Generally, the University will not pay moving expenses that are not deductible per Internal Revenue Service regulations. Examples of nondeductible expenses include house hunting expenses and the cost of living in temporary quarters. If payment of nondeductible moving expenses is negotiated, the payment is considered income to the employee and the University must collect the appropriate income taxes and report the income on the employee's Form W-2.

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