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4.03 / Faculty Ranks and Titles

The principal titles and ranks granted by the University to academic faculty are those normally bestowed by institutions of higher education: professor, associate professor, assistant professor, and instructor. Full-time faculty holding less than the minimum credentials for instructor rank are occasionally appointed as assistant instructors. Titles used to designate part-time instructional personnel include lecturer and adjunct/faculty associate. The term visiting is used in conjunction with the basic academic titles for individuals who join the faculty for a short period of time, usually with the intent of returning to a position at another academic institution.

The University has various special professorships that it bestows upon faculty in recognition of distinguished scholarly achievement and distinguished contribution to the University. The special professorships include Regents distinguished professorships, established by the Kansas Board of Regents; Trustees distinguished professorships, funded by the Board of Trustees; University professorships, funded by the University; distinguished professorships, endowed by donors or the Foundation; and professorships emeriti, awarded to outstanding retired faculty.

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