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4.04 / Types of Appointments

Faculty appointments are of three basic types: temporary, probationary and with tenure. Temporary appointments are for a specified period only and carry no expectation of reappointment. Adjunct/faculty associates and lecturers have temporary appointments for one semester, subject to renewal on the basis of need for instruction. Individuals with a temporary appointment may not be moved to a probationary appointment without review and specific authorization by the Provost and Senior Vice President. Probationary appointments are those appointments that may, on the basis of continuing satisfactory performance, lead to review for the award of tenure. However, probationary appointments carry no expectation or promise that review for the award of tenure will be undertaken or that tenure will be awarded. Probationary appointments are reviewed on an annual basis and may or may not be renewed. Probationary appointments will not be continued for more than seven years. Tenured appointments will be annually renewed unless the faculty member is dismissed through proper actions and procedures.

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July 1, 2008

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