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4.06 / Joint Faculty Appointments

A primary academic objective of Wichita State University is the search for and development of new knowledge which will enhance institutional programs and contribute to the University's research responsibilities. Recognizing the contribution of interdisciplinary studies in meeting the objective, the University may offer joint appointments for faculty where appropriate.

The joint appointment may provide greater program flexibility, the enhancement of intellectual stimulation, and broader insights into matters under faculty investigation and research.

Joint appointments as used herein shall mean either term or continuous appointments to at least one regular academic position in more than one academic department, research unit, or other administrative unit. Such appointments may be approved by the Provost and Senior Vice President, provided they do not total more than 1.0 full-time equivalent (fte) and are recommended by all colleges, departments, and units involved.

Determination of Primary Department:
Any joint appointment shall have one position assigned as the primary position and the department or unit (such as administrative and research units) within which that position is situated shall be deemed to be the primary department or unit as herein defined.

  1. Each current joint appointment or joint title shall be assigned a primary position by the administrative officer having direct authority over all departments or units involved in the joint appointment or joint title. This administrative officer shall initially receive the recommendations of the administrative heads of the departments or units involved and shall recommend such an assignment for the holder of the joint appointment or title to the Provost and Senior Vice President. 

  2. Any new joint appointment or joint title shall be assigned a primary position at the time of such appointment by the appointing authority after this authority receives the recommendations of the administrative heads of the departments or units involved, who shall recommend the appointment creating such joint appointment or joint title.
Primary Department or Unit's Role:
After receiving the recommendation of the other units involved, the primary department or unit shall be responsible for decisions or recommendations regarding salary, tenure, promotion, leaves, and other perquisites and shall be responsible for securing agreement among the departments or units involved on the sharing of salary and support funds.

Before a faculty member first receives a joint appointment, the faculty member and the appropriate academic units must mutually determine, record in writing, and secure administrative approval for all conditions of the appointment. The offer of appointment should include the following:

  1. probationary period (if applicable);
  2. unit expectations for tenure and promotion;
  3. procedures for recommending salary increases and performance reviews;
  4. procedures for reappointment or nonreappointment decisions;
  5. procedures that apply in cases of financial exigency or the dissolution of one of the academic units, or if the joint appointment is dissolved.  Unless otherwise specified, the faculty member will return to the primary department.
A copy of the offer of appointment will be given to the appointee and will be placed in his/her personnel file in the Office of Academic Affairs. Should any unresolved disagreements arise among the participating units and/or faculty member, the joint appointment shall be dissolved in accordance with the provisions of the written agreements.

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