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7.11 / Leaving Employment

An employee wishing to resign from university support staff system in good standing should file with the Office of Human Resources (OHR), at least two weeks before the employee's last day at work, a written resignation stating the date it will become effective and the reason for leaving. After the employee has given notice of resignation, the employee may not use vacation, sick, compensatory time or discretionary holiday as their last day. Any vacation balance will be paid up to the maximum amount permitted. If the employee fails to give the required notice, OHR may have a statement concerning such failure to notify inserted in the employee's permanent record. WSU may consider as grounds for refusal to employ a person the fact that the person did not give required notice when they resigned from earlier employment with the state. With the approval of the appointing authority and supervisor, an employee may withdraw a resignation.

An unauthorized absence from work of five or more consecutive working days for which the employee is unavailable to provide explanation, may be considered by OHR as abandonment of the job and a presumed resignation. OHR will make a reasonable effort to contact the employee before terminating employment.

Internal applicants for transfer are screened and referred to the hiring department in the same manner as external applicants. However, for probationary employees who transfer, the probationary period continues without interruption from its original starting date and may be extended by the new supervisor. Transfer of an employee occurs when an employee has competed for a position through regular placement procedures and has received an offer.

Employees who are transferred must provide at least two weeks notice after accepting an offer for transfer; however, coordination between an employee's current and new department may result in an employee's remaining in the current job for more or less than two weeks. OHR coordinates any agreements relating to the employee's transition among the current department, the new department, and the employee to ensure fairness to all parties. An increase in salary does not apply to lateral transfers.

Exit Interview:
The purpose of the exit interview is to provide the employee with information about continuation procedures for benefits such as health insurance, to verify sick and vacation leave balances, and to answer questions the employee may have.

Upon notice that an employee is terminating, OHR will arrange a meeting to conduct an exit interview. The meeting should occur as close as possible to the last day of work. The employee should bring his/her staff ID and a copy of the final exception time reporting screen with him/her. An exit interview conducted by the employee's department (which would include return of keys and/or other university property) does not substitute for the interview which is required by OHR.

Refer to "Disciplinary Actions, Counseling and Guidance" at Section 7.12.

Refer to "Layoff Plan for University Support Staff Employees" at Section 7.20.

Any further questions related to termination of employment should be directed to OHR.

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June 8, 2014

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