Bringing Mars into Focus:

Exploring Mars and Life on Mars?

Like no other world in our solar system Mars offers sights that are much like those of our home world. Beneath its thin, frigid atmosphere lie polar ice caps, sand dunes, volcanoes, canyons, dry river beds and more. Mars has been a target of intense robotic exploration which is bringing its many secrets to life.

The Mars we see today has a thin, cold and dry atmosphere. Across its surface lie vast dune seas of wind blown sediment. Yet Mars was once an dynamic world with active volcanoes, a denser atmosphere, and possibly liquid water on its surface. Meteorites blasted off of the Red Planet suggest to some that Mars may once have supported microbial life.

The primary task of the missions to Mars is to help us to understand the current climate of Mars and how it has evolved over time.

Current Missions to Mars: