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Our Learning Centers bring a part of the Observatory's exhibit hall to your classroom. A member of the Observatory staff brings the center to your class and introduces it to your students. The center may remain in your classroom for up to 2 weeks for your students to explore it on their own. The learning centers may be used at any grade level.

You may reserve a learning center by calling (316) 978-3191. NOTE: For teachers located outside of Sedgwick County, there is a $35.00 fee for the first presentation and $25.00 for the second presentation on the same day. A milage charge of $0.32 per mile will apply.

Make Your Own Telescope

The Make your learning center gives students the chance to build and investigate a real telescope. Telescopes are assembled from simple lenses and plastic pipe. The center includes enough telescopes for a class of students to work in small groups, in addition to a complete set of instructions and worksheets.

    Photos of the the Make Your Own Telescope Learning Center
  • Photo 1
  • Photo 2

Fun With Light

The Fun With Light learning center allows students to explore the properties of lenses, light, and color with a hands-on approach. It gives them the opportunity to build to experiment with lenses, mirrors, and colored filters. A set of worksheets is included.


The Meteorites learning center provides the opportunity to bring actual meteorites billions of years old in to classrooms. Each meteorite has a story to tell about our solar system. This learning center gives students the opportunity to touch and explore meteorites right in their own classroom. After a classroom presentation, three meteorites with activities and materials are left with the class for two weeks.

Solar System Treasure Hunt

As one of our most popular learning centers, the Solar System Treasure Hunt takes students on a scavenger hunt across the solar system. Students learn about the features of the planets and what they have in common. This voyage includes a complete activity book.