Instructed by

Mark A. Schneegurt, Ph.D.

403/407 Hubbard Hall


Brief Course Description

Course Syllabus

Course Policies

Article Summary Instructions

Research Papers Instructions

Schedule of Exams and Assignments

Lecture Notes

Lecture 1 - Introduction/Overview/Course Outline

Lecture 2 - Life and Its Origins

Lecture 3 - Chemistry Primer

Lecture 4 - This is a Cell (basics)

Lecture 5 - That Many Bugs Live Where? (biodiversity, extremophiles)

Lecture 6 - Do I Eat Them or Do They Eat Me? (ecology, carbon, nitrogen, & sulfur cycles)

Exam 1

Lecture 7 - The Compost Heap (soil formation)

Lecture 8 - Pond Scum (photosutotrophs)

Lecture 9 - Sewage Treatment and Septic Systems

Lecture 10 - Can bacteria really eat oil spills? (bioremediation, biotechnology)

Lecture 11 - What is an antibody? Why do I get a fever? (basic immunology); What is a virus? (basic virology)

Lecture 12 - Eradicating small pox and polio (vaccines)

Lecture 13 - Why can I get the flu every year but only get measles once? (antigenic drift, chicken flu)

Exam 2

Lecture 14 - The Black Plague (history; animal vectors; malaria, rabies)

Lecture 15 - AIDS - The Basics (latent viruses; herpes, shingles)

Lecture 16 - Mad Cow Disease (prions)

Lecture 17 - What is E. coli? (emerging infections)

Lecture 18 - Antibacterial soaps, Listerine, and Lysol

Lecture 19 - What is penicillin anyway? (antibiotics)

Lecture 20 - Biological Warfare (anthrax etc.)

Exam 3

Lecture 21 - The fungus among us (human fungal diseases, mildews)

Lecture 22 - Tooth decay - cavities, dentifrices, gingivitis

Lecture 23 - Why does my refrigerator smell? (food spoilage), What my grandmother knew about canning and smoking (food preservation), Preservatives in foods. Good or bad for me?

Lecture 24 - Pickling/sauerkraut (succession of species)

Lecture 25 - How come those little creams don't need refrigeration? (pasteurization/soured creams); Cheese - moldy and holy

Lecture 26 - Why does bread rise and why is it so good in San Francisco? (bread/sourdough); Beer, wine and spirits (yeasts, ethanol fermentation)

Exam 4