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Former National Science Foundation
Graduate STEM Fellows in K-12 Education Program
at Wichita State University


A scientifically literate public is vital to our national interests. Practicing scientists are often not very good at engaging and informing the public. National Science Foundation recognized this disconnect and created a program that exposes science graduate students to pre-college classrooms. GK-12 fellows at Wichita State University worked with high school biology teachers and students in the Wichita Public Schools (USD259), thereby becoming better science communicators. One focus was to bring molecular biology and microbiology activities to the classroom. A second focus was to engage high school students in scientific research. Together, Wichita State and USD259 trained a new kind of graduate student, while providing incomparable experiences to secondary science students and teachers. Federal funding for this program ended in 2011. Some aspects of the program continue with WSU funding and with support from the WSU Chapter of Sigma Xi.

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