The ACCK and Wichita State University Physics Alliance

The physics faculty from Liberal arts collegs and WSU meet on the 20 Feb. 2008 to discuss how we could cooperate amoung each other. The meeting lasted almost two hours and many good ideas were discussed that would enhance advanced upper division classes at the smaller colleges, as well as how WSU could expands its current active research groups by incorporating the current and future Physics faculty from these Liberal Arts colleges. Future meetings will take place, the next one will be a mini conference where all Physics faculty meet and present a 30 minute summary of their current research.

From left to right: E. Behrman, T. Tuttle, Dean B. Bischoff (standing), S. Taher and B. Oriade. WSU's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean Bill Bischoff welcoming the ACCK area Physics Faculty to campus and hoping to hear good news from our proposed Physics alliance.

Minutes of the meeting as written up by Bethel College Prof. Don Lemons are avaliabe here.