During the 2007 - 2008 academic year the following Physics faculty at Wichita State University gave invited talks at conferences or Universities:
  1. November 2007, Hawaii by Prof. Nickolas Solomey at the IEEE Nuclear Science symposium on "Recent cross-section measurements with the Fermilab Main Injector Particle Production Experiment E907".
  2. March 2008, New Orleans by Prof. Elizabeth Behrman at the APS meeting on "Comparison of Molecular energy calculations using simulated quantum algorithms and classical computer methods".
  3. March 2008, New Orleans by Prof. James Ho at the APS meeting on "Magnetic susceptibility and Mossbauer studies of [FeX3](ClO4)2 H2) with X=bpz, bpy, phen or tpy".
  4. April 2008, Sanya, China by Prof. Jason Ferguson given at the 252 IAU symposium on "The Art of Stellar Modeling in the 21st Century".  His talk was entitled "Changing abundances, changing opacities".
  5. May 2008, Wichita State University Colloquium by Prof. Hussein Hamdeh on "Material characterization by Mossbauer Spectrometry".

Photo of Prof. Ferguson in China during the conference on stellar modeling.