Physics 300 redesign

In Spring 2008 the Dept. of Physics and College of Engineering met to discuss how to redesign the 300 level Introductory Physics classes for Scientists and Engineers to serve the students better.

Committee members from left to right: Prof. Jason Ferguson, Prof. Kamran Rokhsaz Associate Dean of Engineering, Prof. Abu Masud and Prof. Nick Solomey Dept. of Physics Chairman

We consider changes to:

  1. Improved book with an online learning aid and homework system. We concluded that the best book to use for this class is the book of Tipler and Mosca, published by W.H. Freeman and Co. 
  2. The lab experiments associated with this class are old and in major need of updating. With a $18,000 technology grant from the Provost's office and $10,000 from operating money we have spent $28,000 in new lab equipment.
  3. We propose to change the class from a two semester 4 credit hour course with two optional labs to a three semester course with 3 credit hours with two labs. See our final report.