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Professor of Physics

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 NIPS 1 Day Workshop on Quantum Neural Computing

Research Interests

Quantum and classical neural networks: a broad based effort towards new architectures for neural networks, in collaboration with Dr. James E. Steck of Aerospace Engineering and Dr. Steven R. Skinner of Electrical and Computer  Engineering. Because neural networks design their own algorithms, a quantum neural network could potentially rid us of the major bottleneck to implementation of quantum computers.  We have demonstrated in simulation the feasibility of both temporal and spatial architectures, and more recently, have succeeded in showing that a quantum neural network can compute its own degree of entanglement (a major outstanding problem in quantum computing.) We are currently working, in collaboration with Dr. Siyuan Han of the University of Kansas,  on building a bench model using SQUIDs (superconducting quantum interference devices.) In related work, we have developed a continuum optical network using thermal nonlinear self-lensing media. We have demonstrated on-line training of the network, both with computer simulation and with optical table experiments. We have also partially succeeded in replacing the bench computer supervised reinforcement learning with all optical error backpropagation. Other interests and involvements

Physics education: From elementary through college levels, and in collaboration with a number of other educators and with the Fairmount Center, running workshops for high school physics teachers, demonstrations for neighboring schools, research projects with high school teachers and undergraduates.

Faculty associate of the Fairmount Center for Science and Mathematics Education

Faculty fellow, Emory Lindquist Honors Program.

Mother of Joanna


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