Spring 2012 Physics Seminar

Supported by the Eddy and April Lucas Fund

Wednesdays 2:00 to 3:00 PM, in Jabara Hall room 128

Date Speaker Title Slides Audio
1 Feb
Prof. James Ho
Applied physics: titanium aneurysm clip, multifilament aluminum conductor, and liquid-nitrogen ground freezing

22 Feb
Prof. Alexei Grigoriev, Univ. of Tulsa Electrically driven phenomena in ferroelectric materials
6 Mar
Prof. Kathy Levin, James Frank Inst., Univ. of Chicago Superconductivity Narratives
7 Mar
Prof. Kathy Levin, James Frank Inst., Univ. of Chicago Ultra Cold Condensed Gases
28 Mar
Dr. Ken-Pin Hwang, GE Health Care MR Applications for Radiation Therapy Planning Yes
4 Apr
Dr. Abdelhamid Albaid, Oklahoma State Univesity Higgs Boson mass in Gauge-mediated super symmetry breaking Yes
11 Apr
Dr. Steven Kuhlmann, Argonne National Lab Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe

18 Apr
Prof. Janis McKenna, University of British Columba, Vancouver Something’s the matter with Anit-Matter, CP violation in B decays at the BaBar experiment

25 Apr
Prof. Dan Kaplan, Illinois Inst. Of Technology Muon cooling and a future muon collider with new technologies

2 May
Prof. Nickolas Solomey, Wichita State University 100 years of Optics anomolies leading to the Special Theory of Relativity

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