Fall 2010 Physics Seminar
Dedicated to the memory of Prof. John Breazeale

Wednesdays 2:00 to 3:00 PM, in Jabara Hall room 128

DateSpeakerTitle SlidesAudio
25 AugProf. David Besson, The University of KansasAstroparticle Physics at the South Pole Yes Yes
1 Sept       
15 Sept Prof. Robert Wald, The University of ChicagoBlack Holes and Curved space-time Yes Yes
22 Sept Prof. Victor Isakov, Wichita State UniversityInverse Gravimetry Yes Yes
29 Sept Prof. Stefan Westerhoff, The Univ. of WisconsinCosmic ray anisotropy discovered in the Ice-Cube experiment Yes Yes
6 Oct Prof. Jim Cronin, The University of Chicago New results from the Pierre Auger Southern Observatory Yes Yes
13 OctProf. Richard Henry, The University of Oklahoma Probing the Milky Way's Oxygen Gradient with Planetary Nebulae Yes Yes
27 OctProf. Peter Shull, Oklahoma State University Super Nova Remnants   Yes
3 NovDr. Aaron Dotter, Space Telescope Science Institute What globular star clusters can tell us about the formation of the Galaxy Yes Yes
10 NovProf. Alexander Konopelko, Pittburg State University Imaging the Universe in Very-High Energy Gamma Rays   Yes
17 NovProf. Bharat Ratra, Kansas State University Standard Model of Cosmology and Open Questions Yes  
1 DecProf. Marco Cavaglia, The University of Mississippi The Search for Gravitational Waves Yes Yes

7 Oct Prof. Jim Cronin, The University of ChicagoWatkins invited public lecture
5 pm 208 HH
Yes Yes