Fall 2011 Physics Seminar
Dedicated to the memory of Prof. John Breazeale

Wednesdays 2:00 to 3:00 PM, in Jabara Hall room 128

Date Speaker Title Slides Audio
7 Sept
Prof. Aaron Dominguez, University of Nebraska
New Results from the Search for the Standard Model Higgs with the CMS Experiment
14 Sept
Prof. Jerry Peterson, University of Colorado at Boulder Small scale Nulcear Power, a better way to go? Yes  
21 Sept

28 Sept
Prof. Stan Majewski, University of West Virginia Medical Imaging – Spring-off from Particle Physics
5 Oct
Prof. Girish Agarwal, Oklahoma State University
Super Resolution and Beating Shot Noise Limit by Entangled Photons
Yes Yes
12 Oct
(Canceled) Prof. Steve Dye,  Hawaii Pacific University
Geo-neutrino Physics    
19 Oct

26 Oct
Prof. C.D. Clark, Fort Hays State University Understanding the dangers of blue light: thermal damage models  Yes Yes
2 Nov
Dr. Ed Berger, Argonne National Lab
Search for new Physics at the Energy Frontier
 Yes Yes
9 Nov
(Canceled) Prof. Thomas Delillo, Wichita State University Mathematical-Physics open research questions

16 Nov
John Rubin, Rubin Productions
Portraying Physics in film, documentaries and the news

23 Nov

30 Nov
Prof. Marco Bozzo, Univ. of Genova, Italy
Total and elastic cross-sections at CERN's LHC TOTEM experiment
7 Dec
Prof. Ugur Akgun, Coe College and Univ. of Iowa
The future Super LHC at CERN and upgrading the CMS experiment

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