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I am an assistant professor in the Physics Department at Wichita State University.

Research Interests: My interests are in the area of low temperature astrophysics, including the modeling of molecular spectra and dust physics. These studies include spectral simulations of the atmospheres of cool red giant stars and the computation of low temperature opacity tables.  Details of our project can be found here.  The project uses the stellar atmospheres program PHOENIX

Teaching Interests: In the Fall 2009 semester, I am teaching the MWF section of Phys 195,  and the Astronomy Lab.  I am also teaching phys 595 Astrophysics for physics majors.

I am also involved in running the High Performance Computing Center at Wichita State University as the faculty coordinator.

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Jason W. Ferguson
Physics Dept, Box 32
Wichita State University
Wichita, KS 67260-0032
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August, 2009