The scholarship process is different this year. 

Current WSU students interested in any LAS scholarship, including physics, must follow the Application process found on blackboard.  A copy of the form is here.  The filled out form must be sent to the LAS office.  Instructions are included on the LAS Scholarship page which every LAS major can see in their list of blackboard courses. 

Here is a list of the current scholarships that the physics department awards.  Each scholarship has individual guidelines for award. 

The deadline for scholarship applications is February 1 for scholarships starting the following academic year.  A student does not indicate what scholarship they want, but only submit a blanket application.  By applying through the LAS Dean's office you will be considered for many LAS scholarships.  Every physics student should apply.

For questions please contact the physics undergraduate advisor: Dr. Holger Meyer at 978-3993 or the LAS scholarship coordinator Candice Weathers at 978-6659