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Kansas Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is intended for students that have an interest in science and engineering who may or may not choose a career in one of those fields. The point of Science Olympiad is to learn some science and have some fun in the process. Events cover biology, physics, chemistry, earth science, engineering and inquiry. They range from pencil and paper “tests,” to performing lab experiments, to building a structure or robot.

The goals of Science Olympiad include:

  • To increase the interest and proficiency of Kansas students in the study of science.

  • Promote team work.

  • To recognize outstanding student and teacher achievements in science.

  • To improve the quality of science education in Kansas.

Students and teachers recognize the benefits of Science Olympiad. To find out how to become involved with the Kansas Science Olympiad click on An Introduction to Kansas Science Olympiad..


Current News

Regional tournaments are just around the corner.  Dates, locations, and regional coordinators can be found here.


Please send any comments you have on the Kansas Science Olympiad Website to Greg Novacek.

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